Novell Messenger 2.2 Now Available!!

In an effort to continue to integrate the Novell’s collaboration products together, Novell Messenger has also been updated and will be available to customers who either are on Novell GroupWise maintenance or who are on Novell Vibe OnPrem maintenance.

Novell Messenger 2.2 has been enhanced to provide additional integrations with Novell products. We added Messenger/Conferencing integrations in Messenger 2.1. We added Conferencing/OnPrem integrations in Messenger 2.2. With Messenger 2.1, you are able to begin an Instant Message with someone and then promote that chat session to a Conferencing session directly from your Novell Messenger client. With 2.2, Messenger is used to provide presence information.

Here are the substantial improvements in version 2.x.

Novell Messenger 2.x provides substantial improvements over Novell Messenger 1 in the following areas:

  • Vibe OnPrem Integrations: Novell Messenger can now be used to provide presence information in Novell Vibe OnPrem.
  • Conferencing Integrations: Novell Messenger users can now start a Conferencing meeting directly from the Messenger client.
  • Windows and Cross-Platform Client Enhancements: The client has added functionality for chat rooms, broadcasts, personal history, custom online status, and support for Windows XP themes.
  • GroupWise Integration: You can now see a user’s presence in the GroupWise Windows client and send a message directly from the Quick Info message area.
  • Administration Enhancements: Both the Messaging Agent and the Archive Agent support IPV6. You can now control who can use the Remember Password feature, who can print and save conversations, who can use the Personal History feature, and who can create chat rooms. In addition, a new chat container has been added to hold chat rooms that are created, there is enhanced Novell Messenger WebConsole functionality, and you can search for chat rooms in ConsoleOne.

Check out the documentation for more details.


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