Ten Must Have Palm Pre Applications

palm pre ulocate where

What is nice about the Palm Pre there are already native applications built into the webOS that are very handy and don't require any downloads such as PhotoBucket, Universal Search and Google Maps.

As a new Palm Pre users, you maybe looking on other useful applications for your daily task, and preferable the applications are free. Here's a list of the top best Palm Pre webOS apps so far. All these Palm Pre apps are available in the Palm Pre Catalog (App Store) directly on your Palm Pre.

uLocate WHERE: Palm Pre WHERE is a location-based mobile application which provides information about places around you. It gives youlocal content based on your current location, including weather, news, restaurant reviews, gas stations, movie show times. The app uses the Palm Pre's built-in GPS to provide location-based data . It's currently the 5th most popular app in the Palm Pre's App Catalog. You can connect with other users through Buddy Beacon and the WHERE Wall. WHERE comes in many versions and we name WHERE App of the Day for the BlackBerry Storm. WHERE also comes in Nokia, iPhone and BlackBerry.

palm pre evernote

Evernote: Evernote for Palm Pre lets you capture your experiences and inspirations instantly as they occur, and then find them whenever you want. It allows you to create text and snapshot notes on the go, edit existing text notes, and search through all of your memories, even those created on your desktop or the web. Evernote for Palm Pre also lets you open and view multiple notes at once, launching a new “Card” for each.

Don’t forget to try the image recognition. Take a photo of something containing printed or handwritten text, send it into your Evernote account, give it a minute to process, then try searching for the text. This is great for whiteboards, business cards, wine labels, signs, scribbles, and more.

Evernote takes full advantage of the Palm Pre location awareness capabilities. Whenever you create a new text note, Evernote captures your location and associates that with your note. Later you can search for notes created within 5 miles of where you’re standing. So, say you’re visiting headquarter and want to find the notes your took on your Palm Pre the last time you were there. All you need to do is launch Evernote, tap the Search button, and tap Search Nearby. VoilĂ .

palm pre flightview

FlightView: The FlightView app gives users up-to-the-minute information on where a flight is – tracked by flight number or by departure and arrival cities. Travelers can check flight status before departing for the airport, loved ones can monitor the flight while it’s in-air and arriving passengers taxiing to the gate can check connection status and gates. In addition to flight tracking, functionality unique to Pre includes:

  • Flight status alerts give travelers immediate notification of changes to the flight – status changes, delays or cancellations. The FlightView app uses Pre notifications to update the user of status changes or delays - whether it is opened or closed - giving users the information they need to act on.

  • Interoperability with Pre’s calendar gives travelers a visual look at travel plans while guarding against double-booking appointments – flight details are viewable while the calendar shows the schedule from departure to arrival.

  • A notes field for managing all aspects of a trip, such as rental car, hotel and other reservations. Phone numbers, reservations numbers and locations are all in one easy-to-read location.

palm pre pandora

Pandora: The popular internet radio application provides a personalized free mobile music channel to Pre customers. Playlists are based on artist or song. Pandora on the Palm Pre is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Users enjoy all their existing stations - and create new ones right from the Palm Pre. Time Magazine named the iPhone version of Pandora their top iPhone apps and we named Pandora a BlackBerry Storm App of the Day.

palm pre fandango

Fandango: Not only can Palm Pre users view movie trailers and order tickets nearby using this app, but Fandango will automatically schedule your upcoming movies on your calendar with Palm Synergy.Film fans can also create a reminder to let them know as tickets go on sale locally for upcoming movies guaranteeing them access to the season's hottest flicks.

palm pre speed brain

Speed Brain: Concentration and memory improvement app. Designed to improve your processing speed and reaction time, Speed Brain exercises your ability to quickly understand information and react to it. You can also connect to your Lumosity account on your Palm Pre, which will allow you to track your Lumosity Brain Profile.Speed Brain for webOS was created with heavy involvement from doctors, neuroscientists, and psychologists at universities. Search "Speed Brain" in Palm App Catalog.

palm pre accuweather

Accuweather: - A weather application with weather data and with 5 day forecasts based on your location. In addition to showing basic current weather and weather forecast, it also does radar and satellite imagery. It defaults to 5-day forecasts, and shows wind, humidity, dew point, and the sunrise and sunset time for any given city. Tapping on the clock icon in the bottom menu bar brings up an hour-by-hour forecast.

AccuWeather also has a proprietary parameter called “RealFeel” that takes into account humidity, wind-chill, and other factors and displays a temperature that represents what it really feels like on the ground. As weather applications go, this one is pretty advanced

palm pre shortcovers

Shortcovers eBook Reader: this cloud-based reader app gives you access to the Shortcovers service with an eBook store that offers some free eBooks. The Shortcovers service allows readers to read thousands of bestselling books, chapters, news and magazine articles, short stories, blog posts and more, online and on your Palm Pre. As a member you can bookmark and save books, chapters, articles and stories, plus build a digital library and rate, comment and share your favorite reads with your friends and family. Creative types can also write their own shortcovers. Books are reasonably priced and appear cheaper than the paper versions.

palm pre gopayment

Intuit GoPayment: Mobile credit card payment processor. Intuit GoPayment turns the Palm Pre Phone Into Credit Card Terminal. GoPayment helps improve cash flow by giving small businesses an affordable and hassle-free way to process credit card payments.

palm pre tweed

Tweed: Palm Pre Twitter client with ability to change fonts, and access more than one Twitter account. It offers easy navigation, browsing, the ability to find real-time information on a topic Multiple accounts. You can access your work and personal accounts at the same time Bookmark searches and timelines. You also can save searches, trending topics or user timelines. There can be notifications when you receive messages or replies. You can add your current location to your tweets and update your profile with your current location.


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