ZENworks Configuration Management - Support Pack 2 Cool Features

When it comes to ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) Support Pack 2 or 10.2, there's a whole lot of new features that have jumped into the category as the aforementioned "Stuff that I really like" category.

1) ZENworks Control Centre Home View
There are now an Asset Management Summary table in ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) Home View.

Asset Management quickly shows you unreconciled, excluded and reconciled items in Catalog Products, Discovered Products, Licensed Products, Contracts and Documents. From here, you can select drill down directly to the details of each Asset Management components.

A ZENworks News Alerts panel is also introduced in the Home View. You can view information from Novell about current top issues, news updates, promotions, and so on in the ZENworks News Alerts panel on the home page of ZENworks Control Center. This allows us to keep you up to date with what is happening with ZENworks Configuration Management

2) Support for 3rd party Imaging - Symantec Ghost
If you are licensed for Symnatec Ghost, you can now make use of your existing Ghost Image Library (GHO format) with ZENworks Configuration Management Support Pack 2.

You'll need to download Windows Automatic Installation Kit (WAIK) and upload the WinPE Base Distribution and then the Ghost 11.5 or higher components to support Ghost imaging(Ghost32.exe)

Now when you're creating an Imaging Bundle choose the Third Party Image option and make use of the those Ghost images.

Naturally I'm assuming that you'll want migrate to ZENworks images over time to avoid the Ghost licensing fees :)

3) Bundle Activity
The Show Bundle Progress has now gone and been replaced with Show Bundle Activity. Sounds like a marketing rename -- what's difference I hear you ask? If you've ever had end users repeatedly click on a Bundle Desktop Shortcut wondering why nothing is happening and then opening service desk tickets because of this, then this is right up your street. Enable Show Bundle Activity will display the Bundle Activity Indicator Window during the distribution, installation, verification, and uninstallation of a Bundle on the Managed Device preventing those service desk tickets being opened.

4) Patch management dashboard
Many of you long shouted since the release of ZENworks Configuration Management 10.0 for the Vulneraribility Dashboard as in ZENworks Patch Management 6.4. In ZENworks Configuration Management Support Pack 2, a Dashboard Tab and Status Tab are introduced. The Dashboard addresses operational, management, and compliance reporting needs with a graphical dashboard and four standard reports that document patches, patch deployments, patch status, trends, inventory and more, at individual machine or aggregated levels. This provides a unified view to demonstrate progress toward internal and external audit and compliance requirements. With the Dashboard you can see Patch Compliance % over time, Mandatory Baseline Compliance, Patch Compliance by Device and Time since Last Agent Refresh.

5) Patch Management Filter by Manufacturer
With increasing vulnerabilities and patches, finding a particular vulnerability and associated patch by software vendor can be a challenging task. ZENworks Configuration Management Support Pack 2 have included a Vendor Filter option to simplify the process.

6) ZENworks Reporting Services (ZRS)
ZENworks Reports Services (ZRS) is based on BusinessObjects Reporting Engine XI R3.1 instead of BusinessObjects Enterprise Reporting Engine XI R2.2 included with ZENworks Configuration Management 10.1.

New enhancements on ZRS

  • Redesigned layouts for predefined reports.

  • Report templates for custom reports
  • Support for 64-bit (x86-64) architecture.

  • Support for the Windows 2008 platform.

  • 1 Reporting Universe

Previous version of ZENworks Configuration Management had multiple Reporting Universes which made life more difficult than it should have been. ZENworks Configuration Management Support Pack 2 has only one Reporting Universe that spans all aspects of ZENworks Configuration Management including Asset and Patch Management reporting.

7) Satellite Services on Linux
ZENworks Configuration Management manages Microsoft Windows environment but now you don't need any Microsoft Windows Servers for ZENworks Configuration Management itself. It is now possible to have Primary, Satellite and Reporting services hosted on SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers or Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) Linux platform.

8) Control and Manage Adaptive Agent Modules
With ZENworks Configuration Management Support Pack 2 (10.2), you can now "Uninstall", "Enable", or "Disable" the following Adaptive Agent features :-

ZCM Agent Modules

  • Bundle management
  • Policy management
  • Asset management
  • Image management
  • Patch management
  • Remote management
  • User management

By default, all modules are installed on a device. However, you can uninstall any of the modules. You can also disable (or enable) any of the installed modules. For example if you are managing all the Managed Devices based on device basis but not user basis, you could "Disable" the User management module.


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