Meet Moblin - see the Future of Mobile Computing

Following Novell and Intel’s recent collaboration agreement to advance Moblin, the progress continues. At May 19th 2009, Intel and the Linux Foundation announced a technology preview of the Moblin v2.0 beta, including the Moblin User Interface (UI) that is optimized for netbooks. In doing so, Intel and the Linux Foundation are unveiling several new open source projects that constitute a new user experience. Get a first look at Moblin v2.0 here.

The beta release and packages will also conveniently be made available at openSUSE, giving the openSUSE community members a front row seat to check out the new user interface and all the functionality on top of openSUSE 11.1. (Caution: This is not a final release, and should be considered a technology preview only. You should install this release only on a testing machine. This will delete all data on the target machine’s hard drive.)

Novell has worked closely with Intel to bring this innovative and completely new user experience to customers, developing e-mail, windows management and multi-media applications optimized to run on netbooks with Moblin v2. In fact, the Moblin operating system has been designed from the ground-up to meet the demands of today’s mobile computing users and it’s perfectly tailored to the netbook form factor.

With this visually interesting, highly discoverable and intuitive user interface, Moblin promises to change the face of desktop computing. To see more Moblin, check out these screenshots of this revolutionary desktop interface.

The m_Zone The m_Zone Explained

The ToolbarThe Toolbar - Active

The System Info PanelThe People Panel

The Internet PanelThe Media Panel

The PastBoard PanelThe Application Panel

The Zones PanelThe Network Panel


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