Novell GroupWise Competitive Migration Trade up Offer!

At April 20th, Novell launched one of its most aggressive campaigns ever to sell/market new licenses of GroupWise. Targeted emails were sent out to Exchange, Notes, Tobit, and Linux users to let them know about the great benefits of GroupWise.

This is a great offer! It states:

"The software is yours to keep"

You pay for just one year of Maintenance and get the product licenses free. It’s a one-time cost* of just $US36 per user. And it's as close to getting GroupWise "free" as it gets.

Here's What You Get
  • A full version of Novell GroupWise 8 It's the best enterprise messaging platform you can get, at the best price you can get it—ever.
  • Work from anywhere, on just about anything Get the same high-performance productivity whether you roll with a Blackberry, a laptop, whatever.
  • 24/7 support Unlimited priority support good for a year.
  • An interface that works the way you do Everything you need is right where you need it to be. GroupWise 8 makes any user a power user.
  • Secure instant messaging It's in the box, it's free, and it's protected by your firewall.
  • Supported on any platform You don't have to change a thing. Work on Windows, Linux, Mac and Web—we're there for you.

If you want more details...follow this link:

Please help get the word out to your friends and colleagues about the benefits of GroupWise and the amazing offers currently available. Great time to save some money and have real enterprise collaboration. In addition, the upcoming releases of GroupWise, Teaming, Conferencing and our new mobility engine provide a compelling integrated solution.


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