Partner Promotions for the GroupWise Competitive Campaign

About 4 weeks ago the GroupWise team announced the GroupWise Competitive Upgrade Campaign (Tradeup). We have seen some good uptake and succes. We have a lot of new very large prospective customers, which our sales guys are still working through. What we didn't give a lot of details on were the equally exciting offers from many of our partners, that go hand in hand with this campaign.

If you are a Channel partner that has a new GroupWise prospect, or a customer looking to take advantage of the campaign directly here are the current offers available to you. Firstly, the Novell offer again:

The Competitive Upgrade allows you to get GroupWise licenses for free, with the purchase of 1 year of priority 24x7 maintenance. Anyone with anything other than GroupWise is eligible. That means Exchange, Notes, Sun iPlanet, Zimbra, Scalix, Tobit David, Mirapoint, Sendmail, Postfix, Cyrus, IMAPD, Hotmail, OpenXchange, Gmail, a local ISP, MSN, Yahoo, FirstMail, SquirrelMail.....the list goes on. This means that the list price of GroupWise comes down to $36. This also includes existing GroupWise customers that are also running something else on their network - you can consolidate to GroupWise using this offer.

On the back of that offer our partners offered their own campaign pricing:
Advansys are offering 20% off any Advansys product with the purchase of upgrade protection. They also have a $1000 discount on consulting services

Brainstorm are offering 30% off the first year of their eLearning product, and 10-15% off training services.

GroupLink are offering unlimited end-user licenses and 2 free technician licenses of their eHelpdesk product as well as 20 free licenses of the ContactWise CRM

GWAVA offer 6 months of Vertigo for free, as well as a minimum 25% discount on other products.

Messaging Architects are giving away M+ Archive to new GroupWise customers with 200 users or less, and everyone else can get it for $20 per mailbox.

With Notify Corp you can get their service for 1/2 list price for the first 12 months. This includes their support of the iPhone of course.

SEP offer free SEP sesam GroupWise Online module with the purchase of Update Services, and 10% off other products

SkyPro matched the Novell offer for FaxGWise, free license with the purchase of upgrade protection, and also 50% off their GroupWise integrated VOIP solution.

Sonian are giving a 25% off the first year of service of their hosted archive solution, as well as competitive pricing on their email migration services.

Toffa are giving new customers a free standard account, as well as 20% off premium accounts, until the end of this month. This service also supports the iPhone, and is available in iTunes

Transend are offering their anything-GroupWise migration tool to any customer taking advantage of the Novell offer for a fixed price of $2.90 per mailbox, no matter how many or how few mailboxes are being migrated to GroupWise. It supports lots of foreign mail systems, as well as generic IMAP. This includes upgrade protection and support. Contact Transend directly and quote the Novell promo

You can see more details of the partners and their offers here


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