Extended Software Packaging Capabilities in ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM)

In March 2009, Novell announced a new agreement with Acresso Software that extends the software packaging capabilities of ZENworks Configuration Management from the previously limited version of AdminStudio to the full AdminStudio Standard Edition.

This expanded AdminStudio version is now available. Existing ZENworks Configuration Management customers can download it - at no additional charge - by visiting:

Download: http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=UUnzXeYn6GE~

For information on how to register AdminStudio ZENworks Edition 9 see TID 7001301: Registering AdminStudio ZENworks Editions.

Other changes related to this announcement are summarized below:

Novell will provide support for AdminStudio Standard Edition to qualified ZENworks Configuration Management customers.

Customers will receive license keys for AdminStudio via the Novell Customer Center and not through Acresso, as they did before.

AdminStudio will no longer be restricted to a single installation per management zone.

Customers can install as many instances of AdminStudio Standard Edition as they need to support their organizations.


Cool !! This should save me some money $$$

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